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Friday, May 20, 2005

Day two - conclusions of the parallel sessions "developments"

The rapporteurs of the various sessions reported their conclusions.

*. Session "The Learning Perspective".

Good learning does not automatically come from good content. Current Learning Management Systems are boring, conservative and stifle creativity.

In order to move forward, the boundaries between author and reader must disappear. Student authored (creative) material is essential in connected learning.

*. Session "The Organisational Perspective".

It remains amazing how little attention is given to the fact that learners remember almost nothing of what they learned. We need more attention to non traditional solutions, such as knowledge management solutions which build on the experiences of teachers, students, community, industry...

[The word 'multi-stakeholder' seems to be the word-of-the-day]

It remains unclear how the traditional quality management systems will adapt to this creative and flexible knowledge building.

*. Session "The People Perspective".

The New Learner is also a New European Citizen. He participates in local and global government and in learning networks, needs new social skills beyond our conventional professional and e-skills.

We need to pay more attention to cultural and language differences, and need to provide learning and connectivity towards disadvantaged groups in our society: e-accessibility and e-inclusion for all.


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